Sundays at Grace Christian Fellowship

Worship Services:  8:30am & 10am
Live Stream @ 8:30am
It is a privilege to have you worship with us. We hope your faith will be strengthened and your interest in God’s Word will grow as a result of your time with us. Our ministry focus is simple. We aim to know God and grow spiritually. We do this through practical Bible teaching, contemporary worship and creating a host of opportunities for significant and supportive relationships. Building disciples in a healthy church environment is our mission – we invite you to join us!
What does a typical service look like?
Worship at our campus is upbeat and contemporary, led by a worship band. There are different elements incorporated at different times but all three (3) services are identical.
What should I wear?
Come as you are. We are a casual church. You will find a range of dress styles from jeans and t-shirts, to shorts and flip-flops, to an occasional sport jacket and dress. So come dressed however you are comfortable and you will fit right in.
Do I need a Bible?

If you own a Bible you will want to bring it. Our pastors don’t preach sermons as much as they simply teach the Bible. They will refer to it often – and even encourage you to mark it up as your life-textbook. If you don’t have one, just ask, we have plenty set aside for you to keep until you get one of your own.

Our pastors teach from what is known as the English Standard Version Bible (ESV). If you have another version you are used to or prefer, bring it along. The differences from version to version are mostly minor. Having an ESV will simply make it easier to follow along when our pastors read or point out the wording in a particular verse or passage.
I have special needs.  What accommodations do you have?

Our parking lot includes plenty of handicap parking spaces and our campus is wheelchair accessible.

We also have a hearing impaired device that connects to hearing aids if needed.
At the second service hour (10am) we have a Kids and Youth ministry.  Check in for Kids and Youth is open at 9:45am.