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Blended Family Encouragement
June 10

CO- Parenting – Zachary’s

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Mission Family: Changing the world one family at a time
A ministry of Grace Christian Fellowship, coordinated by Jamie & Joelle Zimmerman. The core of Mission Family is to help families develop and put into action a Family Mission Statement. Our heart is to see families unified and centered on Christ’s teaching–one family at a time.  Through the Family Foundations Class, Mission Family helps parents learn how to build a family mission statement putting God at the center of the family and building a plan for today and the years to come. The Family Foundations Class is offered in a variety of formats at Grace Christian Fellowship several times a year.  We are available to offer the Family Foundations Class to your church or community group in a one day workshop format or a 5 session evening class.
For more information contact Jamie & Joelle Zimmerman at 607-749-3233 or 
Check out the videos below for more information and parent testimonies.
What is Mission Family?
Mission Family Introduction
Mission Family Testimonies