Media Guidelines for Visiting Presenters
     We are so thankful that you will be sharing what God has been doing in and through your ministry!  We want to make sure that you have a positive experience while you are our guest, so we’ve established some guidelines to ensure that what you have to share gets delivered to those you want to share it with. 
* Content:  Please work to ensure that the content in your presentation is appropriate for viewers of all ages and backgrounds.  We understand that what is considered appropriate and acceptable varies widely from one culture to another and that you may be working in situations of extreme poverty, turmoil, and need.  However, we ask that you be sensitive to the needs and expectations of a multi-generational North American congregation.  Images with graphic content or nudity are not appropriate in the Sunday morning service.
* Time Allotment: We generally schedule a 3-minute block of time for guest presenters during each of our two Sunday morning services (9:00am and 10:30am).  We ask that if you have a media presentation to share please limit it to 1 minute 30 seconds so that you have the rest of the time for speaking.  Time for lengthier presentations is often given to guest presenters during a scheduled time outside of our worship services.
*Format: Any presentation that you wish to use during our worship services should be of the movie clip variety.  We ask that you use the .mov format (Quicktime Video).  If you are having difficulty saving your presentation as a Quicktime video (.mov), please contact us and we will be glad to help.  (While PowerPoint is an excellent presentation software, we are unable to accommodate its use during the worship service.)
*Submission: We ask that you use dropbox to submit your presentation to the Worship Pastor.  Dropbox is free and easy to use.  Go to to set up an account.  Simply upload your video, click on “share”, type in the Worship Pastor’s email address ( and a message if you wish, then click “share” again.  We will respond when we have your submission so that you know we received it.    
*Deadline: The deadline to submit your video is 4:30pm on the Wednesday before you are scheduled to present.  This is to allow the Worship Pastor time to review your materials and enter them into our presentation software.  Materials received after the deadline will not be available to you on Sunday morning.