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Operation “No More Tears!”
We invite you to use this video with kids ages Pre-School through 1st grade!

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August 2nd-The Little Servant Girl and Proud General

Pre-School through 1st Grade

Back To School Chalkboard Art Church Website GraphicJuly 26th-The Good Shepherd

Pre-School through 1st Grade

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Check out the Discussion Questions


Reading & Discussion One: 
Deuteronomy 6:1-9
The Shema is one of the most important prayers in the Bible. The Shema became something that Jewish people prayed every morning and evening for thousands of years, and it is still relevant to us today. It gets at the heart of all the commands given to the people of Israel. The Shema is a call to listen and respond to the truth that Yahweh is the one true God, and the appropriate response is to love Yahweh with all of our being. Knowing and loving God is how we can experience the fullness of life. And when we align our hearts with God’s, we will naturally care about the things he cares about and fulfill our roles as his partners in bringing about human flourishing on the earth.
Question 1:



How would you describe Yahweh’s character? What do you believe Yahweh cares about? Take a moment now to admire him for who he is and all he loves.

Question 2:



It’s easy to forget about who Yahweh is and what he cares about as we go about daily life. Read Deuteronomy 6:7-9 again. What are some ways you can remind yourself of who Yahweh is on a daily basis?



Reading & Discussion Two:
James 1:19-27 
 One of the most famous passages in the book of James is about being not just a hearer of the word but a doer. The author compares these “hearers” to those who see themselves in the mirror and then immediately forget what they look like. The point is that hearing and doing cannot be separated. We don’t truly see the mirror if we forget the image in it, and we don’t truly listen if the message doesn’t change us. We were made to reflect the image of God, but we forget who we were made to be when we do not let God’s character shape our thought patterns, attitudes, affections, and actions. We are not truly listening to God’s life-changing words if our lives are not changed.

Question 1:

What stood out to you as you read this passage?

Question 2:

According to this passage, what does a pure reflection of God’s character look like? What gets in the way of that pure reflection?



Grace KIDS Phase One Protocols


As a church, we have been slowly phasing in ‘new normals’. Our next phase-in will be reopening a piece of Children’s Ministry. Beginning August 16th at the 10:30am service, we will welcome back our Nursery through Kindergarten KIDS! There will be changes with this new phase though. For the safety of the children and our volunteers, we will be adhering to the following protocols, set in place by our medical task force:

  • All volunteers will have their temperature checked and wear a face mask while they are with children
  • Kindergarten students will need to wear a mask when entering and exiting the children’s wing
  • All children will need their temperature checked upon arrival
  • Only one parent dropping off and picking up their child
  • A volunteer will sign the child in and give the name tag, making it a touch-free registration for parents
If you have any questions regarding our Phase One Protocols, please do not hesitate to call or email Andrea!